Success calls for stamina: can you go the distance?

Thursday. Aug 3, 2017 / Simon Hill

Where business people once might have talked about golf — the sporting pursuit that essentially combines a gentle stroll with gossip, dealmaking and conviviality — they now want to signal proficiency in solitary endurance eventing. This is no accident because, as the entrepreneur Bruce Eckfeldt argued in an article for Forbes last year, training for long-distance races and high-flying careers have notable similarities. “In business, staying in the game and keeping long-term objectives in mind as you deal with the minutiae and drama of day-to-day operations takes focus,” he wrote. A chief executive and competing in these events, he explained, harnesses “the same internal drive and desire that I have to excel in everything I do”. And it is true that motivation and physical robustness at that level is not normal. Well, Hill Coates Associates is only a small company but even our Managing Consultant is in his local white-collar boxing gym 3-5 times a week – tomorrow the world!

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