Hill Coates Associates is pleased to support institutions and charities that promote leadership, which we feel to be a vital factor whether in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.

Our consultants are often pleased to advise Senior Service Leavers (OF 6 – 9) on becoming established in a new civilian career at an appropriate level that makes best use of their service experience.

We are pleased to support service charities, particularly in the knowledge that the medical and psychological effects to our servicemen and women in the course of their duty may have consequences for them for many years to come. We are represented on the Corporate Advisory Group of the charity Combat Stress Combat Stress was founded at the close of the First World War and is still doing vital work with veterans of subsequent conflicts.

We were very proud to have been be a sponsor for 5 Soldiers: the body is the frontline. This a modern work of dance theatre highlighting the mental and physical cost to those serving on operations with our Armed Forces. The work has now been updated to the larger scale 10 Soldiers; the body is the frontline performed by The Rosie Kay Dance Company.




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