Connecting Investors, Investee Companies and Executive Talent


  • Hill Coates Associates is firstly an executive search firm offering outreach to senior sector executives able to identify and collaborate on potential acquisitions for our investor clients, whether private equity, private capital, investment managers, venture capital or corporate venture
  • We also find businesses for our clients to acquire through diligent search work based on their stated criteria
  • This is normally though sector specialist Pathfinder Executives who, with our support, identify and collaborate on an acquisition, often later becoming the Chairman or Chief Executive
  • This mainly results in corporate carve-outs which can then go on to be buy & build platforms, stand-alone or add-on companies
  • We constantly look for and are pleased to hear from executives who truly have “Pathfinder” capabilities
  • We are alert to owner-operated businesses which need growth capital or from which an exit is desired
  • We find investors for those who seek them, both for early-stage companies and MBO/MBI teams
  • We “head-hunt” management team members for investee companies, often during the transaction to acquire them.
  • We undertake succession planning to replace management team members well in advance or to find professional managers to succeed family management teams
  • We can provide leadership consulting to assess and enhance the leadership and management skills of the Board and management team members



  • Our consultants take real ownership of an assignment, whether we are searching for investors, businesses or for people
  • We see an assignment in terms of the impact on the company and its market place and advise clients accordingly, adding value wherever we can
  • We are driven by the brief which defines the role, the target company, candidate or investors and where we will look for him, her, them or it and always do this within the context of our client’s strategy and intentions
  • Searches and transactions have momentum and tempo and we are prepared to work the hours required by both our clients and candidates
  • Search is a very personal business for us, for our clients and our vendors and our candidates and we try very hard not to let anyone down

Why we are different

  • We are a very rare mix of a deal origination and executive search boutique
  • Both activities require the same skills of brief-taking, detective work, communication and negotiation
  • We realise that people and commercial opportunities are very closely entwined
  • We look not just for people who want a job but those who want to leverage their hard-won experience and market knowledge to create value for themselves and their investors
  • We are trying to create value in our own business too and have chosen to operate within a small but particular business rather than as employees of a large international firm


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