Happy New Year from Hill Coates Associates

Monday. Dec 30, 2019 / Simon Hill

Happy New Year from us all at Hill Coates Associates and we resolved to remind our private equity clients of Hill Coates’s ABC:

A. Origination of pre-assessed potential acquisitions usually with a “Pathfinder” prospective chairman or chief executive if not a whole MBO/MBI team

B. Introduction of senior sector/PE-experienced executives who can collaborate during an acquisition and be chairman or chief executive post acquisition

C. Appointment/Replacement of management team members before, during or after a transaction

All pre-acquisition work is remunerated by agreed fees paid out of the deal; post-acquisition by an agreed fee spread across the assignment.

Why not email simon.hill@hillcoates.com saying which of the above we can help you with and suggesting a date and time if you would like to meet one of us in person.

Wishing you a harmonious and prosperous 2020!


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