Rare Combination of Corporate Finance and Executive Search Boutique

Tuesday. Jun 4, 2019 / Simon Hill

After over a decade of helping its private equity and private investor clients to find investee companies and the management teams to lead them, Hill Coates is actively working as as a rare combination of corporate finance and executive search boutique.

Crucial to this is our Pathfinder Programme which originates senior executives from specific sectors who can not only advise on how best to deploy capital but have either identified a target acquisition or are prepared to collaborate with an investor to do so. This means that many acquisitions are corporate carve outs or owners operated businesses which the proprietors wish to exit.

Hill Coates provides support in assessing target businesses and presenting the relevant information for consideration. We also use our research capability to find suitable businesses for our clients to acquire ourselves often combined with an MBO management team.

We also place management teams for businesses originated by our clients from other sources, often as part of an acquisition process. Alternatively this can also be a part of managed succession in either a private equity-backed or a privately-owned business. We can also provide management assessment and executive coaching where this is necessary whether as part of an acquisition or bringing on new generation managers.


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