Financial Services

The service sector overall in the UK may contribute nearly 80% of the UK’s GDP but the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the financial services sector. The UK is the world’s leading global financial services centre and the most internationally focused marketplace in the world. The financial services sector employs over 1 million people and the UK is a world leader in a number of minority sub-sectors such as public private partnerships, Islamic finance, carbon markets and dispute resolution.

A fifth of the world’s revenues in executive search originate in the UK and 30% of all those in Europe, and this is mostly attributed to the presence and pre-eminence of the City of London in the world’s financial markets and allied services.

Our financial services practice covers capital markets, corporate finance, commercial and transaction banking, retail banking & consumer finance, insurance, private equity (both investment professionals and portfolio company executives) and asset & wealth management, the latter being a particular strength. The practice works quite closely with the Business & Professional Services for allied professionals (such as General Counsel) and for support service appointments.



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