Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

This is an exciting and growing area for our firm, as the UK encounters how to provide for an ageing and growing population whilst needing to maintain standards and ongoing research & development as it does so. We are active amongst both NHS and private healthcare providers as well as the professional organisations and educational institutions that support them.

Since the Prime Minister David Cameron launched the industrial strategy in life sciences 3 years ago, the industry has agreed over £3.5 billion of investment in the UK which is expected to create over 11,000 new jobs.

Companies in this sector face tough barriers to entry as it often takes on average over a decade and £1billion to develop a new drug. Ground-breaking developments in genomics and digital technology significantly reduce the time it takes to develop new medicines, devices and diagnostics. Indeed we have recently been instrumental in a private equity investment in some early-stage bio-tech companies. We are also active amongst the crucial manufacturing and distribution companies that support pharmaceutical industry and with some manufacturers of medical devices and of cosmetics.



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