Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment is exploding as an exciting and fast-growing sector within the UK economy. More people than not have mobile access to the internet and this enables consumers not only to download or stream content but to curate their own music, videos and games collections as well as to shop and receive news updates online. Consumers also have a keen understanding of value and the content they expect to access for free or to pay for. Advertising has been galvanised by the mobile internet with new opportunities through streaming and social media. Social media enables both individuals and organisations to have a voice and to achieve influence over others, often in large numbers. The press tells us every day of the trials and tribulations of the leaders of internet companies, showing how sharp and able to operate in the full glare of publicity they have to be.

The work of our Media & Entertainment practice grows in like proportion to its sector and, due to convergence, has much in common with our technology practice. The practice covers advertising, communications, traditional print media, publishing, broadcasting, films, the arts, heritage & culture and sports administration.



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