Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate, construction and other aspects of the built environment sector represent around 20% of the UK’s GDP and is fundamental to the social and economic wellbeing of the nation. In 2011 the construction industry alone contributed £90 billion to the UK economy (nearly 7% of the UK’s total GDP) and employed around 3 million people, which is equivalent to about 10% of total UK employment. It provides the infrastructure for the rest of the economy and has the potential to influence many aspects of our quality of life.

Our Real Estate & Construction practice covers property development and regeneration with its links to investment and private equity. This moves through to the surveying profession, spanning both development activity and the practical skills needed to realise its projects. We have also worked at the interface with occupiers in corporate real estate and the ongoing activities of facilities management. The practice is involved with companies providing business process outsourcing and infrastructure support and also with major construction companies in all the ways they are now developing and diversifying.



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